These products are examples of items that can be custom-ordered from Momma-Made-Studio

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Anchor Pillow Coral Anchor Pillow Gold Compo Beach Pillow
Fairfield Beach Pillow Fairfield Red Pillow Hampton Beach Pillow
Jennings Beach Pillow Jennings Pail Painting Pail Ornament
Penfield Beach Pillow Ping and Green Pillow Rye Beach Pillow
Sasco Beach Pillow Southport Pillow Stack Bracelets
Starfish Ornament Westport Pillow Whale Bracelet

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Camp Banner Camp Bear Pillow Campfire Pillow Black
Campfire Pillow Red

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Adore Him Painting Angels and Jesus Boston Terrier Ornament
Bunny Ornament Dog Stocking Dogwood Ornament
Fir Branch Ornament Fox Ornament Manger Painting
Racoon Ornament Red Poinsettia Pillow Trees Ornament
White Poinsettia Pillow Wine Cork Garland

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CT Pillow Green CT Pillow Red Dogwood Ornament
Fairfield Pilllow Gazebo Ornament Greenfield Hill Pillow
Horserace Pillow Momma Made Store Pink and Green Pillow
Potheads Southport Pillow Westport Pillow

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Boston Terrier Ornament Boston Terrier Pillow Boston Terrier Stuffie
Dog Stocking Leo Pillow Luke Purple
Mama Cat Stuffie Mr Whitford Painting Pink Scottie Stuffie

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Bride Groom 1 Bride Groom ADK Barn Bride Groom Kilt
Bride Groom Red Barn Chocolate Frosting Girls Portrait
Happy Jack Sub Pub Blackrock Chili HL Painting with Flower
House Quilt Luke Purple Luke Teal
Momma Made Logo Momma Made Storefront Mr Whitford

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Bride Groom 1 Bride Groom Beach Bride Groom Kilt
Bride Groom Red Barn Wedding Birch Tree Painting Wedding Pillow

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